Read some of the great things clients have said about Stylus.

I had Shari help me with purchasing summer dresses for several weddings I was attending. She came with me to the stores and together we looked at options. Shari pulled out dresses that I never, in a million years, would have tried on. She has a flare for style and individuality which is great for someone conservative like me. She encouraged me to try on a changeroom full of dresses so she could see what works best with my figure and personality while standing by to comment on the pros & cons of each outfit with final recommendations. She quickly told me what shoes and accessories she envisions with each look.

Shari is confident and decisive yet very open to my needs and concerns. She listens and then searches for the right outfit. Shari is truly amazing at what she does. She’s quick, helpful, and takes great interest in finding the right outfits for her clients, all within their own budget. Thank you.

Michelle Friedman
Stylus Client

As a working mom, I find it very hard to take time out of my day to make myself look, at the very least, presentable. An important part of my job is looking and feeling good, I am not behind a computer all day but often meeting with people face to face. I have always been a fan of Shari’s style and of course a fan of her as a person. What impressed me the most working with Shari was her ability to understand my individual style and find outfits that worked within my budget and still made me feel like a million dollars. She has an incredible work ethic and is a complete perfectionist which is great when the thing she is trying to perfect is you! She is worth every penny, she saved me time, money and most important my sanity. I will continue to use Stylus to help shape and evolve my style.

Kari Hollend
Stylus Client